Personal Care

Oral Care

Oral care includes the toothbrushes and interdental brushes, those are required a soft and slender brush to able to clean the gap between teeth, and providing high elasticity and not easy to damage oval cavity. Our monofilaments have low water absorption, are easy to dry, and have a certain level of antibacterial.



The head comb needs to deal with different heat environments, The high-temperature resistance of the plastic wire is required. Our nylon monofilament is divided into ordinary temperature resistance and high-temperature resistance for different scenarios, such as household, hair salon and professional barber.



The Cosmetic brush wire requires good elasticity, easy to clean. As it uses on human skin, we ensure our monofilament the tip of the brush is soft enough after sharpened the tip, the elasticity and the ability to restore are excellent. And the hollow design makes the planting uniformity better, and longer product life.



High ability to absorb and release the nail polish is the most important thing for the polish brushes. Our monofilament products can meet the above requirements.